Clare Dooley - Election Result: 29.66%

Party: Democrat

Office: PA House ( District: 59 )

Clare is a healthcare worker, a small business owner, a former lawyer and a veteran. She has lived in Unity Township since 2010 and is a member of the Westmoreland County Democratic Committee as well as a co-founder of the local grassroots group Voice of Westmoreland.
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State and National

Do you support net neutrality?

State and National

Should the minimum wage be raised?

Additional Comments: Everyone who works full-time should earn a living wage. I support raising the minimum wage in steps until it is $15/hour, and then tying it to inflation. This will help minimum wage earners, but it will also help our economy by expanding demand and by raising the wages of all workers.
State and National

What is your view on Climate Change?

Additional Comments: Not only is climate change the result of human activity (specifically carbon emissions), but according to a recent UN report we only have 12 years to transform our economy in order to avoid the worst effects of this change. PA can take immediate action to help the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and create good jobs in the process.
State and National

Regarding gun laws, what generally do you support from the choices below?

Additional Comments: I support the second amendment and also support common-sense gun safety regulations such as universal background checks and banning AR15s, bump stocks, and large capacity magazines.
State and National

How should marijuana be regulated?

Additional Comments: I believe marijuana should be legalized for adult use because it is less harmful than alcohol, and it should be regulated similar to tobacco and alcohol. I believe the revenue generated by legalized should be used to provide free public college and vocation training to all PA residents.
State and National

Should the drawing of district lines be done by an independent system instead of state legislators?


Were you (or would you have been) in support of the 2016 legislation regulating opioids in Pennsylvania (Act 122, Act 124, Act 125, Act 126)?

Additional Comments: I would have supported the 2016 legislation on opioids, but it is not nearly sufficient to address the current epidemic. We need to ensure that everyone who seeks treatment has access to high quality, inpatient treatment programs that are long enough to give them a realistic chance at recovery.
State and National

From the choices below, what best represents your view on the wages men and women are paid?


Regarding Pennsylvania pensions, were you (or would you have been) in favor of the 2017 Senate Bill 1 that introduces a 401K-style component into pension benefits for new hires after 2019?

Additional Comments: I am not in favor of 401K retirement programs. I believe our seniors are entitled to a secure retirement and 401K are both too risky and too prone to being underfunded to provide this security. I support offering tax incentives to private employers to return to defined benefit pension plans and believe our Commonwealth should continue to offer them as well. I do, however, believe that state legislators should only be entitled to state pensions if they serve for at least 20 years.

From the choices below, what best represents your view on property taxes?

Additional Comments: I believe that Harrisburg should provide more funding for our public schools so that property taxes do not have to continue rising they way they have been.
State and National

From the choices below, what best represents your view on abortion?

Additional Comments: Women should be able to make their own health care and reproductive choices without interference from the government.
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