Tom Marino

Party: Republican

Office: US House ( District: 12 )

Candidate Bio

Tom was born and raised in Lycoming County, where his father, Joseph, worked two jobs as a firefighter and janitor. Tom learned at an early age from his father that you don’t spend what you don’t have and hard work and personal responsibility is how you make through life. Following his father’s example, Tom went straight to work on the floor of a local manufacturing facility after graduating high school. He worked for years before deciding that he wanted to pursue a college education. Tom enrolled in Lycoming College in Williamsport and began taking classes while still working. Tom was able to graduate magna cum laude from Lycoming and finish a law degree from the Dickinson School of Law within five years.
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How the candidate answered on the issues

Should businesses have the right to deny services based on the customer's sexual orientation/gender identity? State / National

How should drug addiction - such as heroin addiction - be treated? State / National

Should regulations be created to limit how prescription painkillers are prescribed? State / National

What is your view on Climate Change? State / National

Do you support net neutrality? State / National

Regarding gun laws, what generally do you support from the choices below? State / National

Should we be more or less involved in helping to manage international affairs? State / National

Should the minimum wage be raised? State / National

Candidate did not answer this question.

From the selection below, which do you think is the most important action to take to create jobs in America? National

Generally, what kind of national tax plan do you favor? National

Regarding the US healthcare system, what scenario do you favor? National

What are your views regarding LGBTQ people serving in the military? National

Candidate did not answer this question.

Are you in favor of following the recommendations of the Paris Accord on climate change? National

How would you handle an international situation such as the one between North Korea and the United States? National

Do you support protecting minors brought to the country illegally from deportation? National

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