Dale Kerns - Election Result: 1.02%

Party: Libertarian

Office: US Senate

Dale Kerns is married to Nicole and they are the parents of two girls (Hailey and Sophia) along with Luke- their German Shepherd. They reside in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Dale is a Project Manager for an Electrical Contractor in Pennsylvania. In this role Dale oversees and manages commercial and industrial construction projects to make sure they are both safe and profitable.
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Do you support net neutrality?

Additional Comments: No, I feel people should be free to use the internet to its potential and that the regulations should come from the market place, not the government.
State and National

Should the minimum wage be raised?

State and National

What is your view on Climate Change?


Generally, what kind of national tax plan do you favor?

State and National

Regarding gun laws, what generally do you support from the choices below?

State and National

How should marijuana be regulated?

Additional Comments: The War on Drugs has been a massive failure and should be ended immediately. States should have the right to decide how specifically they will operate their drug policies, but our nation should follow the models of Switzerland and Poland.
State and National

Should the drawing of district lines be done by an independent system instead of state legislators?

Additional Comments: As a U.S. Senator, I would not have any input on the topic of gerrymandering. I'm in favor of anything which would restrict political cronyism and allow for more competition in politics. As a Libertarian, I'm hoping to bring more choices to voters and break down the hurdles which currently exist for third-parties.

Regarding the US healthcare system, what scenario do you favor?

Additional Comments: Before the ACA we did not have a healthcare problem in America, we simply had an insurance problem. So the ACA made that worse, since it was a bill written by insurance lobbyists looking for profits. Additionally, we allowed our elected officials to pass a bill that was thousands of pages, and they never read it. This blank check to insurance companies is the reason we are in trouble today - and now the insurance problem is turning into a healthcare problem. When you put out a disaster like a fire, you don't replace it with another disaster like a tornado! Repeal and replace with the free market!

What are your views regarding LGBTQ people serving in the military?

Additional Comments: We should not want to protect bad businesses. If they won't serve someone because the owner is a bigot, why keep them in business? Let's expose them and the free market will put them out of business.
State and National

From the choices below, what best represents your view on the wages men and women are paid?

Additional Comments: Without a doubt, sexism remains in our country, and this should be addressed. The largest source of the gender wage gap is the decisions which men and women make when selecting jobs. I have no question that some women are told that they should not or cannot enter higher-paying STEM fields, and this practice is disgusting and sexist. As the father of two daughters, I always teach them that they can be whatever they want, and their sex is no barrier. Imposing a new government regulation, however, will do nothing to solve the problem, and would attempt to cure the symptom rather than the problem.

From the choices below, what best represents your views on U.S. tariffs?

Additional Comments: Free trade is one of the greatest forces for good in the history of humankind and helps to raise the impoverished of all nations. I am the only U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania who supports free trade, and when I get to Washington, I will speak out loudly to promote free trade practices.

From the choices below, what best represents your views regarding ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)?

Additional Comments: I will immediately introduce a bill to abolish ICE when I get to Washington. I was one of the first candidates in this year's election cycle to promote abolishing ICE because it is unconstitutional and was hastily created in the aftermath of 9/11. It serves no purpose but to violate the rights of immigrants of natives alike, and must be abolished. This would be in conjunction with an overhaul of our current immigration system, which sometimes takes decades to grant citizenship. Immigrants represent the best of America, and we must make it easier for these people to come to our country and contribute.
State and National

From the choices below, what best represents your view on abortion?

Additional Comments: (Please note answer as "None of the Above") Abortion should be a state-level issue, and because of that, as a U.S. Senator, I would have no input on this topic. Accordingly, I would vote for judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Historically, most criminal matters (including murder) have been decided at the state level, and abortion should be no different. No federal mandate can adequately gauge the interests of 330 million people. I am personally pro-life. The principles of liberty and pursuit of happiness are useless without first protecting life. In order to reduce abortion, the easiest initial solution is to incentivize private businesses, schools, and charities to increase sex education and access to birth control. Even in states where abortion remains, it ought to be safe, legal, and most importantly, rare. The biggest driver of abortion is overwhelmingly poverty. To this end, the abortion issue is entangled with economic outcomes, particularly in impoverished urban areas. If abortion is to become rare or obsolete, we must first work toward establishing economic opportunity zones for those who are too often overlooked by our current economic system, including those of color. This would include reform of regulations and taxes levied on small businesses which prevent employers from taking on new hires. Americans overwhelmingly want to contribute to our economy, and we should give them that opportunity.

Should federal regulations be enacted to limit how prescription painkillers are prescribed?

Additional Comments: This is beyond the purview of the federal government. The FDA has created more problems than solutions through its regulation, and this issue is no different. My "Addiction is Not a Crime" initiative is one of the most important of my campaign, because I have personally seen among my friends and family how opioids and drugs more generally can affect people we love. However, imposing more criminal penalties on doctors or patients will do nothing to solve the problem. Alternatively, we must treat this problem as one which is of a medical nature; less incarceration and more rehabilitation.
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