Brent Ottaway

Party: Democrat

Office: US House ( District: 13 )

Candidate Bio

Since 1990, Brent has been on the faculty at Saint Francis University, and throughout his career, Brent has shared his passions for education, journalism, and public service with his students and community. At Saint Francis, he has served on the Faculty Senate as Senate President and Secretary-Treasurer, and has been the Faculty Athletics Representative. He has coached numerous student sports teams and volunteered at local schools, advising student newspapers and other clubs.
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Quiz Results

How the candidate answered on the issues

Should businesses have the right to deny services based on the customer's sexual orientation/gender identity? State / National

How should drug addiction - such as heroin addiction - be treated? State / National

Should regulations be created to limit how prescription painkillers are prescribed? State / National

What is your view on Climate Change? State / National

Additional Comments: The fact that you even have to ask this question is disturbing. Global warming is occurring, human activities are playing a role, and changing our activities can reduce the problem. (The answers provided are inadequate.)

Do you support net neutrality? State / National

Additional Comments: Yes. Net Neutrality is important to maintaining a level playing field and entrepreneurial opportunity. No good will come from eliminating it and allowing a few large conglomerates to call the shots.

Regarding gun laws, what generally do you support from the choices below? State / National

Additional Comments: I'm a strong supporter of the Second Amendment who recognizes the need for reasonable measures to be taken to reduce gun violence: moves such as universal background checks, closing the private-sale loophole and improving use of existing databases and sharing of information.

Should we be more or less involved in helping to manage international affairs? State / National

Additional Comments: We need to engage with other nations and encourage multi-national accords rather than trying to go it alone.

Should the minimum wage be raised? State / National

From the selection below, which do you think is the most important action to take to create jobs in America? National

Generally, what kind of national tax plan do you favor? National

Additional Comments: Conservatives like to criticize this as "redistribution of wealth," though that is exactly they have been doing--most obviously with recent tax legislation--in the opposite direction, benefiting the top 10% at the expense of the rest of us.

Regarding the US healthcare system, what scenario do you favor? National

Additional Comments: This is Exhibit A demonstrating the need for a Congress that will work across the aisle for the good of the country. Healthcare is too complex to be successfully overhauled by one party or the other, yet the status quo is unacceptable. Working toward a reasonable compromise will be one of my primary goals.

What are your views regarding LGBTQ people serving in the military? National

Are you in favor of following the recommendations of the Paris Accord on climate change? National

Additional Comments: Pulling out of the accord is harmful to the environment, to American businesses, and to our status among nations.

How would you handle an international situation such as the one between North Korea and the United States? National

Additional Comments: Historically, the U.S. has paid a high price for being too quick to resort to military action abroad.

Do you support protecting minors brought to the country illegally from deportation? National

Additional Comments: The way Congress has used a DACA deal as a political football--teeing it up, then yanking it away, like Lucy holding for Charlie Brown's kickoff--is disgraceful. Thousands of innocent people's lives are on hold, causing immeasurable stress and difficulty.
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